The main objective of the Federation of hunting dog breeding of Ukraine is to promote hunting dog breeding in Ukraine, preservation and improvement of the gene pool of purebred hunting dogs as a national heritage through their breeding on a scientific basis, regulatory support of the hunting dog, participation in the canine work at the state level.

Our coordinates:

vul. Verkhovyna, 36a, of. 405.413

m. Kyiv 03115

tel. / fax (044) -496-41-19

According to the Charter, the Federation has a symbolism: the logo, emblem, flag and other symbols, samples of which are approved by and registered in the manner prescribed by law. Federation is the corporate colors of blue and green, which is used in all kinds of symbolism.


Emblem - a shield, which is divided vertically into two parts - the left, blue, symbolizing the element of water and air, and right, green is like the essence of boundless fields and forests of Ukraine. The shield is placed in the center of the silhouette of the map of Ukraine, indicates the level of activity of Ukrainian Federation. Diagonally opposite the first letters of the name of the organization to create a dynamic composition, indicating a gradual progress. The shield is decorated with gold piping.


Coat of arms

The coat of arms is a shield of dark green color. The shield placed the figure of dogs, describing 7 rock groups of hunting dogs (beagles, hounds, huskies, cops, spaniels, dachshunds, terriers). The dark green color symbolizes the idea of nature, with its life-giving force.




The flag is a rectangular cloth, divided horizontally into two parts, the upper - blue, symbolizing the blue Ukrainian sky, bottom - green, reproducing the green expanses of Ukraine.
On the left is a shield with figures of dogs, which reflect the main areas of hunting dog breeding in Ukraine.
The composition is completed inscription in golden letters "Federation of hunting dog breeding of Ukraine", the right of the board on top of the blue flag. The size of the flag is recommended to 1350 mm in width and 900 mm in height.